Stamp pack for 60 cent and 2 dollars 60 cents stamps, issued to commemorate the Centenary of the First Commonwealth Banknote. Issued by Australia Post in Melbourne, 11 May 2013, during the World Stamp Fair held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, 10 -15 May 2013. The design of the stamp pack incorporates the image of the first Commonwealth Banknote, which was a 10 shilling note bearing the serial number M000001. The official numbering ceremony was held on 1 May 1913 at King's Warehouse, at the western end of Flinders Street, Melbourne.
Stamp design & pack design: Boschen Design.

Physical Description

Cardboard folder containing a min-sheet which resembles one side of the first Commonwealth Banknote, but incorporates a 60 cent and 2 dollars 60 cents stamp. The folder also includes two separate stamps, and historical information about the banknote, as well as design credits. The reverse of the folder depicts one side of the original 10 shilling Commonwealth banknote, with serial number M000001. The entire pack is printed in navy blue on off-white, to resemble the banknote, and the design includes the ornate scrollwork of the banknote design. The serial number is printed in red.

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