Colourful label for quinine wine manufactured by George Towl in Melbourne and Avoca. The label exhalts the effectiveness of the product. The wine is described as being 'a pleasant tonic and mild stimulant', particularly useful for treating influenza, debility, loss of appetite, weakness, exhaustion and sleeplessness. It is also hailed as making 'the old feel young, the weak strong!' Quinine wine was commonly used as a treatment against malaria in Europe until the 1940s when it was replaced by advanced medicine.

Physical Description

Colourful paper label. A logo appears in the centre featuring a red circle adorned with a brown grape vine and scrolls. Two pink scrolls appear on each side of the logo. The left scroll features text listing the conditions treated by the wine, while the right scroll features descriptions recommending the wine. A thick, brown border adorns the label. The manufacturer's name appears at the bottom of the label.

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