State Savings Bank of Victoria passbook for account number 1049, issued to Mrs Wilma Morter by the Meeniyan branch. Wilma was married to Keith Morter, an employee of the SSBV who in 1962 was transferred to the Meeniyan branch as its manager, a post he held for five years. This passbook was cancelled in August 1966, and the funds were transferred to a new passbook issued by the same branch.

Harold 'Keith' Morter spent his whole working life at the State Savings Bank of Victoria. Through the course of his long and successful career and subsequent retirement, Keith saved a number of mementos of the bank. Keith's collection not only provides insight into one man's working life, it also covers some important periods in Australian banking history, including the introduction of cheque accounts, the opening of small branches across the State, and the adoption of decimal currency.

Physical Description

Blue cover, printed with an image of the SSBV logo: a coat of arms with a lion and unicorn. A number of pages inside, printed, with deposit and withdrawal information handwritten in ink.

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