Alternative Name(s): Printed Cloth Map

Printed scarf of the Dardanelles depicting the Gallipoli Peninsula (described as part of 'TURKEY IN ASIA') as well as the Dardanelles Straits, the Gulf of Saros and the Sea of Marmora.

The date of its manufacture is unknown, but it would not have been made before mid-1915. The words 'To Constantinople' might be interpreted as an indication that the action on the Gallipoli peninsula was still underway, as it was intended to silence Turkish guns and thus facilitate passage through the Dardanelles Straits to Constantinople (Istanbul), which would provide a significant strategic advantage in the early stages of World War I. The Imperial War Museum indicates that the scarf was produced by British newspaper the Manchester Guardian. Its own copy is stamped to that effect.

Physical Description

Cloth scarf printed in full colour. Depicts the landscape in the region of the Gallipoli peninsula, presented in relief. Urban areas are coloured red, including Constantinople. Significant towns and the landing places of the different Allied units are marked. Each corner of the map has an Allied nation flag in shield shape.

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    Manchester, England, Great Britain
    Probable place made, by Manchester Guardian.

  • Inscriptions

    Extensive text throughout indicating points of geographical interest. Printed clockwise from the top left corner is shown the Australian flag with the words 'AUSTRALIA WELL DONE!', the British White Ensign with 'ARMY & NAVY WELL DONE!, the New Zealand flag with 'NEW ZEALAND WELL DONE!' and the Union Jack over the Turkish flag with the words 'ECLIPSE OF THE STAR & CRESCENT'.

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    Military history, Service, Souvenirs

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    History & Technology

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    617 mm (Width), 486 mm (Height)

  • References

    Paul Cornish, The First World War Galleries, Imperial War Museum 2014, p.89 For further information on this registered design, refer to the British National Archives, BT 53/112 - Designs 114132-133703, (textile designs) 1914 Sept 12 - 1916 July 26. These designs had not been digitized as of January 2015.

  • Keywords

    World War I, 1914-1918