Alternate name: Dog Chew

Caricature of Julia Gillard, sold as a dog toy.

Julia Gillard became the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and the first female Prime Minister on the 24th June 2010. She dramatically took this position when the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd lost support from the Labor Party and resigned. Her leadership was strengthened when she was elected Prime Minister in the 2010 Federal Election on 21 August, though with a minority government. While her leadership achieved many firsts it was marred by attacks on her abilities and gender, both within the Parliament and in the public arena. Accusations of sexism and misogyny inside Parliament and was discussed on talk back radio as part of a general debate about an Australian way of life. On 8 October 2012 Julia Gillard raised these issues in a speech in Parliament which was directed mainly at opposition leader Tony Abbott. This speech was publicised around the world and became known as the "misogyny speech". Her support within the Labor Party and in opinion polls fell and after several leadership spills she was outvoted by supporters of Kevin Rudd on 26 June 2013.

This dog toy was created out of frustration. The designer at Aussie Dogs, a pet store supplier, had been listening to talk back radio one night and heard Julia Gillard discussing small business manufacturing and how she planned to reinvigorate it. He drew the design that night and sent it to China for developing. A test sample came back and he ordered 1000. They proved very popular and he ordered another 2500. In all he ordered 4500 of which 1200 are still left to be sold.

The toy received a lot of media attention in April 2013 when it appeared in the catalogue of P&K Pets, Adelaide. It reinvigorated the debate about misogyny in modern Australian society, though Julia Gillard appeared seemingly being pleased to receive a 'Droolia' toy when presented with one at a function in Werribee, Victoria. P&K Pets received a great deal of attention and were both supported and derided by the public on radio and social media. Aussie Dogs were already planning to create a Tony Abbott dog toy when 'Droolia' received all the media attention. 'Boney' Tony was released in late July 2013; 3000 were ordered. Aussie Dogs had also drawn up plans for a Kevin Rudd toy, but the company was unsure if it would sell. Instead, it had designed a cardboard cut-out of Kevin Rudd, which attaches over the nose of the 'Droolia' toy. Aussie Dogs plans to sell the Kevin Rudd cut out with the remaining 'Droolia' toys.

Physical Description

Soft textile figure of Julia Gillard wearing blue suit and blue high heels with large head, bright red hair, long nose, large hips and protruding bottom.

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