Certificate presented to Florence Carrington, a pupil at Camberwell State School and exhibitor at the 1906 Victorian State Schools Exhibition.

The Victorian State Schools Exhibition opened on 5 September 1906 in the (Royal) Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens. Through demonstrations and displays, the exhibition explored the new educational philosophy of 'learning by doing', and new subjects taught. During the 16 days the exhibition was open to the public, over 230,000 people - including many children - visited.

Physical Description

Printed on heavy cream card with blue text and four black and white photographs in each corner of the certificate: including the Exhibition Building, children dancing around a maypole, sloyd demonstration and a cookery demonstration. The certificate has an elaborate border in blue ink with scrolls in an art nouveau style. At the top, a shield with the monogram VSSE 1906. The Victorian State Schools Exhibition was held at the Exhibition Building between September 5-22, 1906. The certificate was awarded to Florence Carrington of Camberwell state school.

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