A catalogue from the 1959 International Trade Fair held in Melbourne at the Exhibition Building, 26 February - 14 March. The catalogue details the exhibitors at the fair, divided up into country, agents and product sections. It also provides extensive floor plans of the fair and has advertising throughout. This was the first international trade fair to be held in Melbourne. The fair was organised by the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce with the goal of promoting Australian manufacturing. In his opening statement of the catalogue the Chamber President Mr. Nave said he hoped the fair would earn Melbourne the title of the 'Shop Window of the South Pacific'. There is a long tradition of trade shows being used to foster international links and promote new industries.

Physical Description

A A5 shaped paper booklet comprising of 193 pages. The front shows a black and white photo of shipyards surrounded by colourful squares with pictures of Australian exports such as wheat, sheep (wool), steel and cars.

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