An envelope with stamps attached from the International Motor Show held at the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings, 19-28 May 1938. The envelope has six postmarks from the exhibition, all dated 28 May 1938. The stamp was registered and hand stamped at the Motor Show and it has never been opened, indicating it was purchased as a collectable item. The envelope has two Cinderella stamps from the show attached, one on the front and one on the back, both postmarked. The envelope was addressed to a woman in Ivanhoe, Melbourne. Motor shows were a popular and frequent event at the Exhibition Building and stamps such as the ones on this envelope were often sold as souvenirs.

Physical Description

A cream paper envelope with five postage stamps attached and two Cinderella stamps from the International Motor Show 1938. There are six postmarks on the envelope and a registration sticker in the bottom left corner with a green hand stamp from the exhibition.

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