Stamp pack issued to illustrate six prehistoric animals that lived in Australia during the Cretaceous period (around 145 million years ago to 65 million years ago). Five of these animals are dinosaurs: Diamantinasaurus, Qantassaurus, Serendipaceratops, Australovenator and Timimus; the sixth, Koolasuchus, is an amphibian. Koolasuchus persisted on this continent long after it had become extinct elsewhere, a living fossil of its time. The animals featured cover a period of nearly 30 million years during those 30 million years flowering plants first appeared, the most profound change that ever occurred in terrestrial flora.

This issue was developed with the assistance of palaeontologists at Museums Victoria and expert dinosaur illustrator, James Gurney.

Physical Description

Gloss card folder with a colour illustration of two Qantassaurus in a rainforest setting on the cover. The inside of the cover features an illustration in grey tones of a Timimus and two Serendipaceratops in a woodland setting with mountains in the background. The folder contains a minisheet of six 60 cent stamps each featuring a prehistoric animal and the six indvidual stamps. The reverse cover features an illustration of a mountain and forest in grey tones with extensive black printed text describing each of the prehistoric animals, small colour illustrations of a dragonfly and echidna and the Australia Post logo.

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