Ticket stub from a performance of 'The Big Show', presented by Lee Gordon at the Exhibition Building on Monday 19 March, 1956.

Lee Gordon was an American marketer/ promoter who built a successful concert promotion business in Australia. In 1954 his company, which traded as The Big Show Pty Ltd, opened an office at 151 Bayswater Rd in Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney. His company organised "The Big Show" tours of the 1950s. Gordon's first major concert tour, staged in July 1954, was an all-star 'package' tour featuring jazz legends Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich and Artie Shaw, with comedian Jerry Colonna. "The Big Show" tours played at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane venues.

Between 1954 and 1956 Gordon suffered financial losses and Big Show Pty Ltd almost went bankrupt. In 1956, Gordon produced several successful shows.This ticket is for the 1956 Big Show featuring Johnnie Ray, Leo De Lyon, The Holly Sisters, Peg Leg Bates and Lola Dee. Johnnie Ray's second Australian tour in 1955 was a landmark in the history of Australian entertainment. The success demonstrated Australian audiences were willing to pay high prices to see American acts, and kick-started a demand for more international acts. Ray was also an important bridge between the popular music of the 1940s and 1950s and the emerging rock and roll genre. The 1956 Big Show was held at the Exhibition Building, however due to a deal with Stadiums Ltd most of the other shows were held in Stadium venues. Stadium Ltd owned the Sydney Stadium, Melbourne Festival Hall and Brisbane Festival Hall.

Physical Description

One half of ticket (stub) The text is printed black.

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