Copy in two halves of a medal of Leonello, Marquis of Este commemorating his marriage in 1444. Original medal by Pisanello in 1444. British Museum electrotype made by Robert Ready after 1875. The original medal was acquired by the British Museum from the Bank of England in 1875 (Reg. BNK, ItM.7) It was exhibited in the King's Library in 1881 and is No. 6 in the catalogue of that exhibition. It is thought that this electrotype was produced in association with that exhibition and publication and acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria where it was displayed.

Obverse Description

Bust of Leonello d'Este, facing left, with short curly hair, wearing rich, brocaded tunic; across field in two lines divided by the bust, LEONELLVS. MARCHIO . ESTENSIS .; around below, D . FERRARIE . REGII . ET . MVTINE .; around above, . GE . R . AR .

Reverse Description

Lion on rocky ground facing right, singing from scroll of music held by nude cupid who faces left; in background, tall square pillar on which a mast with full sail and the date, . M . CCC XLIIII; at left, eagle seen from behind, perched on leafless tree; in upper right field in three lines, . OPVS . PISANI . PICTORIS .

Edge Description


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