Frigate birds and bonito fish outlined or assocated with inlaid shell on iconic Solomon Island objects reflect the importance of the annual visit of schools of bonito to their shores. The first bonito is considered sacred and its arrival signals the time for ceremonial knowledge of this important fish to be imparted to young initiates on their path to adulthood. Fast canoes and well prepared and maintained hooks and lines are integral to the specialised fishing technology of the Solomons, allowing the islanders to take immediate advantage of the bonito's sudden arrival.

Physical Description

A bowl made from a single piece of wood decorated with segments of pearl shell. The shape of a frigate bird is incorporated into the form.


This ornate bowl was dontated by Miss Edith Safstrom was a teacher in a mission girls school in the Solomon Islands in the 1920s. It is believed the objects she donated were given to her as gifts during that time.

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