Copy of the reverse (uniface) of a medal of Cecilia Gonzaga (1426-1451). The original medal was by Pisanello in 1447. This Electrotype copy of the obverse was made circa 1881 by Robert Ready. This electrotype was not part of the British Museum's King's Gallery Exhibition of 1881. It's acquisition by the National Gallery of Victoria and thus Museum Victoria is yet to be traced.

Note: the Museum holds a uniface electrotype of the obverse of this medal type but it was taken from a different original with a diameter some 2 mm larger than this example.

Obverse Description

Not held (but see NU 38300 for the design - Half length bust, hair tightly bound with a ribbon, wearing an embroidered gown and pleated skirt; around, CICILIA . VIRGO . FILIA . IOHANNIS . FRANCISCI . PRIMI . MARCHIONIS . MANTVE)

Reverse Description

A rocky landscape below a crescent moon, a semi-nude young woman (innosence) standing facing right rests her hand on the head of a unicorn lying beside her; to the right, a stele, with a floral ornament fixed to its top, with legend in seven lines, OPVS / PISAN / . I . PICT / ORIS / .M . / CCCC / XLVII (translation: the work of Pisanello the painter 1447)

Edge Description


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