Copy of a medal depicting Sir Richard Shelley, Prior of the English Nation of the Knights of Malta. The original medal by Bernard Rantwic was cast in the 17th Century. This uniface electrotype copy was made circa 1881 at British Museum by Robert Ready from a bronze held by that museum (Reg: M.6884). It was based on an Italian medal of c. 1577, see NU 37335 for the reverse see NU 37335 part 2. The electrotype is copper plated and dark toned (the reverse seems to be held but has been left with a copper colour see NU 37335 part 2).

Obverse Description

Half-length figure of Richard Shelley facing right with hair short, beard pointed and small ruff wearing armour with a Maltese cross on the breast; scarf tied round left arm; around, RICARDVS . SCELLEIVS . PRIOR . ANGLIAE . AN.A.LXIIII; below bust, BERN. RANTWIC F.

Reverse Description


Edge Description


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