Booklet published by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, outlining the schedule of prizes for the Dog exhibits at the 1940 Combined Show, which was held at the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings, 25-28 September. During WWII, the Melbourne Showgrounds were requisitioned by the Department of Defence's RAAF No 1 Aeronautical Engineering School, so alternative venues for the annual Combined Show had to be found. In 1940, the Combined Show of Dogs and Poultry, was held at the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton Gardens. The dogs (of all breeds) were divided into classes, i.e. puppy class, novice class, Australasian breeds; then into breed, i.e. Deerhounds, Great Danes, etc. In six of the classes, the entry fee was donated to three patriotic funds: The Soldiers Comforts Fund, The Air Force House Library Fund and the Salvation Army Hut.

As well as the standard displays of dogs of all breeds and poultry, were exhibits of pigeons, cage birds, and horticultural and women's industries.

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An A5 sized booklet with black text. The front cover features the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria logo.

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