This 45 degree angled mirror or viewing hood is an attachment for the Littlejohn Copyspeed Type 170 Process Camera, which enabled the photographer to load film and focus the camera from ground level, rather than using a stepladder or platform. The ground glass screen and vacuum film board could be screwed to the front face of the hood.

This mirror does not seem to be an original component of the camera, but made specifically for it, possibly by its users at Kodak Australasia.

This camera was used in the Packaging Design department of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd at the Coburg factory from about the 1950s until the early 1980s. It would have been used to produce design material for much of the Australian designed and made packaging from the mid twentieth century that is now held in the Kodak Heritage Collection at Museum Victoria.

Physical Description

Angled wooden hood, painted black inside and mottled grey and black on the outside. There is a thick angled mirror running diagonally along the inner, top edge of the hood. There is one plastic carry handle on the right side. It is missing the left handle. On the back, base of the unit are two screws and a mounting board but these do not appear to affix to anything on the camera body itself.

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