Stamp pack containing three officially overprinted 'Specimen' stamps from the Australian Paintings definitive series of stamps issued at AUSIPEX 84 international stamp exhibition, held at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, 21-30 September 1984. The paintings represented are "Coming South" by Tom Roberts (originally issued 1977), "McMahon's Point" by Arthur Streeton (originally issued 1979) and "On the Wallaby Track" by Fred McCubbin (originally issued 1981). Stamps printed with "Specimen" have no postal validity. The purpose of specimen stamps is to provide stamp collectors with copies of high value stamps at less than face value. Specimen stamps were a feature of Australian philately from 1913-1970.

Ausipex 84 was held under the auspices of: The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria; the Victorian Philatelic Associations and other Philatelic Societies; the Victorian Stamp Promotion Council, and the Australasian Stamp Dealers Association with the co-operation of Australia Post. Ausipex was the largest philatelic exhibition ever staged in Australasia. The exhibition was a combination of displays, competitive entries and trade; there were approximately 100 stands of dealers and overseas postal administrators.

Physical Description

A folded card sheet. On the obverse, a picture of the Royal Exhibition buildings. On the reverse, a block of text and three stamps attached behind a plastic sheet. This stamp set had originally been adhered to a backing sheet.

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