This publicity leaflet formed part of an extensive technical reference library operated by Australian Consolidated Industries Ltd (ACI) and its predecessor Australian Glass Manufacturers Ltd (AGM) from their manufacturing plant at Spotswood, Victoria. The technical library appears to have been set up around the time that the AGM Engineering Section was established at Spotswood in the early 1930s and was housed on a mezzanine floor above the AGM Engineering workshops in what was known as Building 55 on the east side of Booker Street, Spotswood.

The ACI Reference Library contained text books, periodicals and trade literature relating to a wide range of engineering and transport equipment. Many of the products included were at one time either used or contemplated for use in one of the AGM or ACI manufacturing plants. Items were lent out to ACI employees across Australia on request.


'It's not easy to invent a new language which every industry can understand and use. But Accles & Pollock have done it! Each of these shapes is the section of a strip of steel, cunningly contrived to serve a purpose better than it has been served before. There are hundreds of others. Week by week in one job or another these sections are replacing less satisfactory materials. Weight usurped by lightness; strength in place of weakness; ease of assembly cutting down on overheads. Oh yes, its a useful language to know!'

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