The name of the Katsina represented by this tihu is Angak'china (Long Haired Kachina). Originating in Zuni culture, this Katsina appears in most Pueblo cultures as the bringer of gentle rains and flowers. Angak'china's long hair hangs down its back representing falling rain. The beautiful melodic song and dances of this Katsina make it one of the most popular.

Physical Description

This is Kachina doll, carved of wood, with a blue green "case mask", rectangular eyes, horizontal mouth and a beard of three feathers. There are remnants of feathers attached to the top of the head. The arms are bent and hands placed to the front of the torso which is painted. The figure wears a white kilt with a stepped vertical design decorating the left side. It stands on a base.

Local Name

Tihu (Hopi language).

More Information