A ticket made out to W. Baldwin Spencer allowing him along with four other people to attend the Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy free of charge on all days except Saturdays and holidays, issued on 3 February 1887 by the Steward of His Holiness, L. Macchi.

The ticket is written in Italian and roughly translates into English as follows:
Sacred Apostolic Palace
This allows Mr W. Baldwin Spencer with four persons in his company, to visit the Vatican Museums on all the days except Saturdays and holidays. The entrance is at the main gate of the Garden Pontifical along the Track of the Foundations.
From the Vatican 3 February 1887
The Steward of His Holiness, L. Macchi
Free entry
Persons indecently dressed will not be admitted, dogs are forbidden, umbrellas and walking sticks to be deposited.

Physical Description

A single sheet of beige coloured paper printed in black ink on one side in Italian, with a fold line in the centre running from top to bottom.

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