One of approximately 85,000 negatives from the Laurie Richards Collection taken by the Melbourne based Laurie Richards Studio between the 1950s -1970s.

Laurie Richards was a professional photographer who began his career as a photo-journalist, working for the Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide, and the Argus and the Herald newspapers in Melbourne. In 1953, he opened his own business and set up a photographic studio at his home at 4 Tower Avenue, Alphington, an inner suburb of Melbourne. At its peak, in the late 1960s, the Laurie Richards Studio was one of Melbourne's pre-eminent commercial photographic studios, employing twelve photographers. The Laurie Richards Studio worked mainly in advertising and public relations, and had a broad clientele which included commercial companies, government institutions and the entertainment industry.

Description of Content

Promotional image of a creche service provided by the Heinz Company at an exhibition. There are five female employees within the facility and five children, all the children appear to be eating at either a high chair or table. The area is decorated with cartoon animals and Heinz products. At the front of the creche is a sign that reads, 'This creche is provided for your Baby's comfort and convenience. Heinz. The most trusted name in Baby Food's'.

Physical Description

Black and white cellulose acetate negative.

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