One of 37 monochrome photographs contained in an album depicting steam-operated, crawler-mounted and rail-mounted mechanical shovels and excavators under test outside the Ruston & Hornsby works at Lincoln and working at a variety of locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Part of a collection of photographs, motion picture films, product catalogues, company journals, customer registers and installation drawings relating to the distribution and sale of Ruston & Hornsby industrial equipment in Australia between the years 1905 to early 1980's.

Ruston & Hornsby, later known as Ruston, was an industrial equipment manufacturer in Lincoln, England, the company's history going back to 1840. The company is best known as a manufacturer of narrow and standard gauge diesel locomotives and steam shovels.

Other related products and firms included in the collection are, the English Electric Company, General Electric Company (G.E.C), Paxman diesel engines, Ruston-Bucyrus excavators and Fullagar diesel engines.

Description of Content

A crawler-mounted, dragline excavator with annotations. The annotations point out significant parts and their location, these include; the clutch levers, driving sprockets and heavy driving chains. There is a man in a suit standing next to the excavator, possibly to show the size of the machine, there is another man standing on the platform. The excavator is labelled with 'Ruston', once on the base, once on the platform housing. In the background is a wagon with protective covers and spare wheels.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photograph on gloss paper.

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