One of 59 black & white photographs contained in a photographic album. Images depict petrol pumps manufactured by Engineering Products Pty. Ltd., EPEX. The photographs are mounted to both sides of the album pages, some images have become detached from the page and are now housed separately.

Part of a collection of engineering drawings, sales brochures, technical catalogues, company records and photographs relating to the products and operations of Engineering Products Pty. Ltd.
Engineering Products Pty. Ltd. was established in August 1927 by Stanley Beckett Newman, in a small factory in Burnley Street, Burnley, Victoria. Over the following 50 years the company thrived as a vibrant medium-sized engineering firm manufacturing a range of innovative products for the petroleum distribution and bulk chemical industries under the EPEX brandname.

Description of Content

Close up of a Epex-Foster self serve coin slot on the side of a petrol pump. There is a sign printed above it that reads; 'Do not insert coin until hose nozzle is replaced on lever bracket in pump casing and all dial indicators are returned to zero.'

Physical Description

black and white silver gelatin photograph attached to an album page.

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