Published tapes of Multicultural Cassette Series of stories, comprising songs and rhymes for young children. Collected by Gwenda Davey and recorded by Norman O'Connor, mainly in 1976 and 1977, and published in 1979 by the State College of Victoria, Institute of Early Childhood Development, Kew. The complete Multicultural Cassette Series comprises 26 cassettes. The Museum Victoria Multicultural Cassette Series collection includes master tapes, edited Dolby tapes, published tapes and duplicate tapes, as well as a card index and manual.

The recordings are in English and other languages: Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian/Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish. There are also two cassettes of Pitjantjatjara songs and stories.

The published tapes have printed labels from the Institute of Early Childhood Development adhered to their sides.

Description of Content

Field recording of adults singing and reciting folklore for children in English and other languages.

Physical Description

Standard compact cassette mangnetic tapes in plastic cases.

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