Alternative Name(s): Magazine.

Staff publication titled 'Kodak News', No 258, Issue Two, 2000 - a Olympic Games addition for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, published by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd.

The edition features the Olympic Polyclinic, one of Kodak Australasia's major contributions during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The Olympic Village Polyclinic allowed for digital imaging to be created from X-ray, Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Ultrasound images. Continuing Kodak's long history of providing medical imaging at the Olympics, first begun at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, these technological advances allowed for fast and accurate diagnosis of sports injuries. The Polyclinic was managed by Kodak staff member Elizabeth Delahunty.

Kodak relied heavily on digital imaging technology in the accreditation of officials, staff, volunteers and athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

This newsletter copy was used by the editor of the Kodak Retiree Newsletter and former Kodak employee, Pat Hogan. 'Kodak News' replaced the 'Australian Kodakery' newsletter but continued its numbering. The series began from No 172, July 1985 and continued into the early 2000s.

Pat Hogan's collection supplements Kodak's own corporate collection of staff newsletters.

Physical Description

12 page, glossy colour magazine, stapled along the spine.

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