One of a subset of five colour negatives and two contact prints depicting a fishing competition held at Ninety Mile Beach, East Gippsland. The competition was probably held by Willmore & Randell real-estate agents to promote land sales. Images show people fishing along the shore and spectators.

This subset is part of approximately 3,000 negatives taken by Jim Payens, the Melbourne based aerial photographer, and form part of the Payens Collection. The images span the period predominantly between the 1950s - 1970s.

Jim Payens was one of a very small number of Australian photographers to have specialised in oblique and survey aerial photography. He was also one of the earliest Australian aerial photographers. This collection consists predominantly of aerial views of the city of Melbourne, surrounding suburbs and regional Victoria but also extends to other parts of Australia. The Collection depicts a variety of landmark events and major engineering projects throughout Australia including the Australian Grand Prix, Olympic Games (Melbourne & Sydney) and the construction of Eildon Weir.

The Museum also holds the aerial camera and equipment used by Payens to take these images as well as an oral history interview with the photographer.

Description of Content

People fishing down the length of Ninety Mile Beach during a fishing competition. Some are standing with their rods while others sit on the sand.

Physical Description

5x4 inch colour negative.

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