Felt hat worn by Peter Auty with numerous environmental and community badges, including: 'Bushfire volunteer 2009', 'Australia Day 2010, Flowerdale Community of the Year', 'The Greens Vote 1', 'Your rights at work worth fighting for and voting for', 'Repeal anti-worker legislation, Unite May Day 2008 for Socialism', 'Flowerdale (with tree symbol)', anti-nuclear badge, ribbon 'Unite to restore union, civil and democratic rights, and prevent the destruction of the environment', riboon 'Committee'.

Peter had a strong interest in folk traditions and music. In Brisbane in the late 1970's he joined the flourishing folk scene, and was instrumental in a number of groups and events. He was a founding member of Moreton Bay Morris (30 aug 1980), a morris-dancing group who later danced at the 1982 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony and at Expo '88. He also founded a series of 'Medieval Fayres' that ran in Brisbane. Peter played the accordion, the harmonica and many other instruments in a number of Brisbane folk bands. He was also well known as a talented bush poet, and would recite traditional Australian ballads and poems of his own at festivals and events across the state. In the 1990's Peter helped found the Queensland Folk Federation, later serving as the group's president. The Federation ran the Maleny/Woodford folk festival, and Peter took on many roles in the event, from garbologist to OH&S and revegetation. Peter danced with the group up until he left Brisbane in the late 1990's.

Part of a collection that documents the life of Peter Auty, illustrating his colourful and interesting life, and why he was well loved by his community, recognized in the Victorian Parliament, and awarded two medals posthumously for the important role he played on and following Black Saturday. This collection forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection. This large and diverse collection was established following Black Saturday and includes a multi-disciplinary collection of artefacts, images and stories to record the experience and impact of bushfires across Victoria's landscape, ecology and history.

Physical Description

Black felt broad brimmed hat with many badges pinned to it; a green tie around the brim, with two ribbons pinned to the top.

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