Digital image of a photograph printed onto a postcard backing, depicting 'old Jack Bulluss' and his two sons. These are probably John Isaac Bulluss (service # 1201) and his sons Joseph (# 6773) and Albert (# 29929). Lily Bulluss of Raglan Street Ballarat is named as their next of kin - she was John's wife and Joseph and Albert's mother. All three survived the war. The Ballarat Avenue of Honour, where they were commemorated, was completed on 9 June 1919, and included 3,700 names of those who volunteered for active service overseas. The Avenue was planted by Employees of E. Lucas and Co., and was l4 miles long.

Part of a collection of material relating to the World War I military service of Hans Harry Cousland. Harry was a 21-year-old labourer from Port Melbourne when he enlisted to serve in World War I in 1915. He was wounded on 26 August 1916, recovered and returned to the front. There he was promoted then wounded again on 14 January 1917, receiving a gunshot wound in his left forearm which severed his ulnar nerve and caused a compound fracture of his left radius. He was operated on but his wound healed incorrectly with on-going nerve damage, and he was left with 'total incapacity' of his arm. He returned to Australia on 31 December 1917 on the hospital ship Themistocles and discharged medically-unfit in August 1918.

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Three soldiers, head and shoulders only, wearing military uniforms and slouch hats. The soldier on either side holds the arm of the central, older soldier. Inscribed in blue ink below: 'Bert Bulluss, Old Jack Bulluss, Young Jack Bulluss'.

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Digital image from black and white print.

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