Multiple-page booklet with grey cover, titled 'How to Get the Most Out of Your Electrolux'. The booklet includes photographs of 'standard equipment', including carpet pivot nozzle, utility nozzle, floor and wall brush, dusting brush, crevice nozzle, guide rods, bacteria filter, spray gun, 'the Insector' - 'used in conjunction with the Anti-Moth Crystals', flexible hose and mop.

The booklet refers to barrel-style vacuum cleaners.

Physical Description

Multiple-page booklet with grey cover, printed in black and white, stapled at spine. The booklet features photographs - including 'standard equipment' for Electrolux vacuum cleaners and a photograph of a woman cleaning a vacuum brush. Circular Electrolux logo on front and back covers, based on sun-like pattern with radiating rays beneath a lined world globe. The cover of the booklet has a faux leather effect.

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