Alternative Name(s): Nameplate, Maker's Plate, Plaque, Model Name Plate

Rectangular brass name plate with engraved inscription indicating that it relates to the twin screw steamship 'Orvieto'.

The name plate may be the original from the SS 'Orvieto' (also known as RMS Orvieto and HMAT Orvieto), but seems quite small for a ship's name plate. Furthermore, a builder's plate would usually include a yard number, vessel number and manufacturing date; and the inclusion of the ship's dimensions is unusual for a ship's name plate. It is possible, therefore, that the name plate comes from a model made at or around the same time as the 'Orvieto' itself. (It was common for a scale model of a ship to be built at the same time as the ship itself.) Certainly, the name plate is likely to date from the early 20th century. The Australian War Memorial holds a model of the HMAT Orveito made around 1909 (RELAWM09634), which it acquired in 1926 as the result of a request to the Sydney offices of the Orient Steam Navigation Company. The model today does not have a name plate, and is not on its original base, where a name plate may have been attached.

The name plate was acquired by the donor's father, Richard Plant, probably from a second-hand shop that specialized in military material in Launceston.

Physical Description

Rectangular brass name plate with engraved inscription on front only. Line around border; hole drilled in each corner. Plaque is slightly curved, perhaps to fit the countour of the surface to which it was attached. Damage near the corners may reflect rough removal from its original location. Back of plaque is rough and unfinished. Plaque is extensively worn/knocked and has remnants of cleaner in engravings.

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