One of two booklets entitled the 'Constitution of the Victorian Herd Improvement Association, revised, September 1956. It belonged to Bernice Kopple who had migrated from Scotland to Australia, in December 1950 onboard the ship New Australia, dated 31 January 1973. One booklet has 'B.Kopple' hadwritten on the cover. Bernice probably referred to this document during her time as a herd tester and recorder (see her certificate of qualification also in the Museum's collection).

Bernice Kopple was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1930 and migrated to Melbourne onboard the ship New Australia in 1950. She was nineteen years old and travelled alone, her mother and three siblings following later. Bernice was crowned Miss New Australia during the voyage, and went on to be Miss Torquay at the Sun Beach girl contest in 1951. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s Bernice worked as a model, entertainer, showgirl, snake dancer and animal handler on entertainment circuits around Australia and New Zealand. She pursued her passion for animals as a keeper at the Melbourne Zoo, lecturing on wildlife in schools and on television and developing her snake act in theatres, clubs, tent shows and drive-in cinemas.

In the 1970s, Bernice moved from Melbourne to Adelaide and worked as a mature model for daywear, bikinis and lingerie. She toured Australia with her dog and caravan, cultivating her reputation as a modern, independent woman, mustering, cooking and jillarooing in the Northern Territory and becoming manager at the Cairns Oceanarium. During the 1980s and 1990s, Bernice continued with modelling work and animal care in Adelaide until 2002, and she died in 2011. Bernice was well known for her energy, beauty, and wit and also remained proud of her Scottish heritage.

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Twp identical small booklets, double stapled at centre, 24 pages, black printed text throughout. Grey cover.

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