Red, soft toy squirrel, given to Lesley Wilson (nee Sanderson) on her second birthday, 31 May 1968 by her aunt in England. Lesley brought the toy with her when her family migrated to Australia onboard the Australis in November 1971.

Brenda (born 25/2/1942) and Jack Sanderson lived in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and decided in 1970 to migrate to Australia with their children Ian and Lesley (born 31/5/1966). They successfully applied for assisted passages and travelled onboard the Australis in November-December 1971. Lesley was five years old at the time and recalls attending school classes with her brother on the ship and winning a 'Knitting Nancy'. Jack shot film of the family's voyage on 8mm film and their early years in Australia (held in the Museum's collection).

The family settled in Johnston Street in Abbotsford, Melbourne. Jack worked at the Yarra Falls Textile Mill; the company had probably sponsored the family's migration and they did not stay at a migrant hostel. The entire family became Australian citizens at different times - Jack in 1987 as he was going on a cruise and wanted an Australian passport; Brenda during the 1990s and Lesley in 2009 for the convenience of having an Australian passport. She was required to sit the citizenship test.

Physical Description

Small, red plush soft toy squirrel with two white button eyes and white plush ears and tail.

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