Off-white card, 'Trees', part of the Cole's Book Arcade Competition Card Series, circa 1900-1910. The card contains 21 general knowledge questions about the common names of 'well-known trees' such as 'Found after a fire' and 'A carpenter's tool'.

The card, and others acquired with this collection, was used at social gatherings including functions at the Essendon North Methodist Church, Mount Alexander Road, Essendon, possibly around World War II. Winnie Turner, a widow from Western Australia, also lived in Mount Alexander Road, Essendon; daughter Amy, the donor, later lived in Birdwood Street, Essendon.

Edward William Cole was the proprietor of Cole's Book Arcade, one of the iconic stores of Melbourne in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Cole published or re-branded books, pictures and other publications, the best known of which was Cole's Funny Picture Book, perhaps the most popular children's book published in Australia in the period 1890-1940. Amongst his publications were the 'Cole's Competition Card Series', of which there were 'about fifty varieties' including 'A Tennis Wedding', 'Twisted Birds', 'Hidden City' and 'A Boat Race Competition', all copyright and printed by E.W. Cole.

Physical Description

Off-white card, folded in half, printed in black. Front has simple linear graphic and text. Inside opens out to single spread listing 21 questions and space to answer them. Back cover lists 52 other Cole's Book Arcade Competition Games. Some foxing on surface of card.

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