Small green pamphlet detailing conditions and quarterly repayments for 'Credit Foncier Mortgage Loans', issued by the State Savings Bank of Victoria, Melbourne, in 1950. Foncier loans are repaid in instalments including both principal and interest components (amortising). This pamphlet offers 'housing advances' for applicants whose income is under £750 per annum and who do not already own a house in Victoria. The maximum advance is 90% of the bank's valuation, to a limit of £1,150 for a brick house or £1,000 for a wooden house. Farm properties can be mortgaged up to two-thirds of the bank's valuation, to a maximum of £2,000.

Donated to Museum Victoria with a collection of material reflecting the economic life of the donor's parents, who lived in suburban East Malvern, in south-east Melbourne.The use of the pamphlets is reflected in hand-written calculations and points of text highlighted.

Physical Description

Small tri-folded pamphlet which opens to six pages, printed in dark blue ink on light blue paper. An image of the State Savings Bank of Victoria head office in Melbourne is printed on the cover of the pamphlet. Its content include 'Conditions' and a table of quarterly repayments. It has been annotated with hand-written calculations and several red stamps 'DOES NOT APPLY AT PRESENT'.

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