Thirty-four 'Pure Velvet Soap' coupons comprising logo cut-outs printed on glassine.

A pamphlet was available which listed products that could be exchanged for Velvet soap cut-out coupons, or 'crosses' as they were called (refer HT 39185). The coupons came with cakes (bars) of Velvet soap, used for hand-washing clothes. Crosses came in three different colours, with different values: brown, the lowest value; blue; and black, the highest value.

The pamphlet offered a range of products: bath towels, a glass cloth, a breakfast cloth, a pillow slip, jug and goblet water sets, glass mixing bowls, 'Agee' pyrex casserole and 'entree' dishes, a bread board and knife, an egg beater, glass measuring jugs, a 'hair broom', salt box, 'Empire Ware' crockery, cutlery, handkerchiefs and a billy can. These and other 'gifts' were available for collection from the Lintas Gift Depot, Yoffa House, 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (now occupied by the Adelphi Hotel) on the surrender of the coupons and a 'coupon application' to be cut out from the pamphlet. 'Depots' for goods were also located in Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong, or goods could be redeemed by mail.

The supply of 'free gifts' as a Velvet soap promotion by J. Kitchen and Sons was advertised in Australian newspapers from the early 1930s (and possibly earlier); as late as 1942 the Argus newspaper was still advertising the free Velvet gifts. (HT 39185.)

Donated to Museum Victoria with a collection of material reflecting the economic life of the donor's parents, who lived in suburban East Malvern, in south-east Melbourne.

Physical Description

Thirty-four small advertising logos for Velvet Soap printed on glassine paper. Most are printed in brown; three are black.

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