Photograph of Susan Leech, daughter of Eileen and James Leech, sitting on Father Christmas' lap, England, early 1950s. It was amongst a selection of photographs possibly brought to Australia when Eileen, James and Susan migrated to Australia in 1953 and also amongst those they brought back to England when they returned in 1956.

James and Eileen Leech and their two and a half year old daughter Susan migrated from Manchester, England in November 1953 under the ten pound assisted migration scheme on the ship 'New Australia'. James, who had served with Australian soldiers during World War II was drawn to Australia while Eileen, with strong family ties, was reluctant to come. James was employed in his field as an optical mechanic and they lived in Sandringham and then Frankston. While James loved the new lifestyle, Eileen's homesickness led to depression and when she became pregnant, the family returned to England in January 1956 on medical advice. Eileen's mother loaned them the funds to relocate but James never fully recovered his disappointment at leaving Australia and the years living with Eileen's family while repaying the loan put a strain on the whole family. Eileen, who at one time had considered migrating to Australia, returned for the first time in 2014.

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Little girl on lap of Father Christmas.

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Black and white photograph

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