Alternative names: Advertising Sign, placard

Freestanding, cardboard poster promoting Kodak products circa 1974 - 1976. It features a colour photograph of a woman in a bikini, kneeling in the water at the beach and holding a Kodak Instamatic 92 camera and reads 'Buy Kodak Film Here', with an illustration of a Kodacolor II 110 film cartridge box.

This is a large, in-store freestanding sign designed for maximum impact and exposure and would have been distributed to Kodak retailers in the 1970s to promote Kodak products. It was a point-of-sale marketing tool.

Physical Description

Tall cardboard placard with fold out cardboard stands on reverse. Colour photograph of woman in bikini on front, with superimposed text at top and superimposed text added to the Kodak camera in the girl's hand.

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