Alternative Name(s): Hat badge, Insignia

Cast brass Australian army rising sun badge, manufactured by K.G. Luke, probably dating from World War II. It was acquired with a collection of material relating to service in both World Wars I and II.

Rising sun badges were used on Australian military uniforms as hat badges and collar badges (smaller). The rising sun hat badge has been used by the Australian army since 1902, undergoing seven different design phases. This badge is an example of the third pattern, designed in 1904 and in use during both World Wars, although the Australian War Memorial notes that the words 'Australian Commonwealth Military Forces' were characteristially used on World War I badges. The design was updated in 1948.

Physical Description

Oxidised brass (or similar) metal badge with radiating pattern representing sun, crown at centre and inscribed banner across bottom. Back of badge has two lugs through which split pins or sewing thread would be used to secure the badge to a garment. Some verdigris on front and back.

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