Game name (and type): 'Brandy All Over' (chasing game)
Alternative types: ball game, running game

Handwritten description of the chasing game 'Brandy All Over' written for Dr Dorothy Howard by Roslyne Richardson, a twelve year old student at Coromandel Valley State School, in 1954-1955. According to Richardson, 'Brandy All Over' is played by a group of girls and boys, preferably six years and over, in a school yard. Two players, the chasers, stand in the centre of the yard. One of the chasers stands with their foot on a ball while counting to twenty. The other chaser joins the rest of the children, who are running around the ground. The game's rules are slightly unclear; however, it appears that the child with the ball passes it to the other chaser, who must throw it at the children running. Richardson lists other players of 'Brandy All Over': Ann Wescombe, Janice Williams, Meredith Ward, Robin Eaden, Denis Heath, Robert Such, Allen Hammat, Bruce Lane and John Tellick.

One of a collection of letters describing a children's games written to children's Folklorist Dorothy Howard between 1954 and 1955. Dr Howard came to Australia in 1954-55 as an American Fulbright scholar to study Australian children's folklore. She travelled across Australia for 10 months collecting children's playground rhymes, games, play artefacts, etc. This letter, together with the other original fieldwork collected by Dr Howard during this period, is preserved in the Dorothy Howard Collection manuscript files, part of the Australian Children's Folklore Collection (ACFC), Archive Series 3. The ACFC is an extensive collection documenting children's folklore and related research.

Physical Description

Handwritten game description in blue ink on lined paper. Text written on both sides of page.

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