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Extracts from a program for a musical performance on Thursday,14 May 1936 at Steinway Concert Hall in New York City presented by The Lantern's editor C. B. McAllister together with composer-pianist Elmo Russ. Program lists the contributing poets from New Jersey's 'Poets of Today', whose works were performed to music. The poem 'Entreaty' written by Dr Dorothy Howard (nee Mills) was one of a number of poems performed by contralto Louise Caselotti. A transcription of the poem is included in this document. Other contributing poets included Polly Eddy, Madeleine Moschenross, A. M. Sullivan, Jeannette Slocum Edwards, Gerald Raftery, William De Lisle, Lefa Morse Eddy, Robert Hillyer, Nellie Collett Goodbody, Eleanor Aletta Chaffee, William Carlos Williams, Carl K. Bomberger and Lydia Sharpe. In addition to Elmo Russ and Louise Caselotti, other participating musicians included lyric soprano Rhea Sparag, dramatic soprano Josephine Levandoski, tenor John Patterson, baritone Alfred Chigi and basso Alexander Lorber.

One of a collection of poems and other creative writings by children's folklorist Dr Dorothy Howard. Dr Howard came to Australia in 1954-55 as an American Fulbright scholar to study Australian children's folklore. She travelled across Australia for 10 months collecting children's playground rhymes, games, play artefacts, etc.  The original fieldwork she collected during this period is held in the Australian Children's Folklore Collection (ACFC) at Museum Victoria and includes index cards, letters and photographs.

Physical Description

Photocopied, typed extracts from program; black text on paper. Two pages printed on one side only contained in a folded sheet of A4 paper, which forms the covers. Includes front and back covers, the contents of the program and a transcription of the poem 'Entreaty'. Back cover features a printed illustration of the Steinway Hall in black ink.

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