Copy of a typed letter written by Dr Dorothy Howard and addressed to anthropologist Charles Pearcy Mountford. In response to previous correspondence with Mountford, Dr Howard states that she has forwarded a list of games compiled during the initial stage of her Australian research project. She highlights her brief investigation of Indigenous children's play traditions, including those listed in the published research of Walter E. Roth and gathered during her own observations of Aboriginal children playing at Sydney's La Perouse School. Dr Howard continues with a request for contact details of teachers and missionaries in the Northern Territory and South Australia, who may be interested in her project.

One of a collection of letters written to and from children's Folklorist Dr Dorothy Howard between 1954 and 1995. Dr Howard came to Australia in 1954-55 as an American Fulbright scholar to study Australian children's folklore. She travelled across Australia for 10 months collecting children's playground rhymes, games, play artefacts, etc. The original fieldwork she collected during this period is held in the Australian Children's Folklore Collection (ACFC) at Museum Victoria and includes index cards, letters and photographs.

Physical Description

Typed letter in black ink on lined paper. Text printed on one side only.

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