Studio portrait of Sarah Nairn, probably taken some time between 1905 and her wedding in 1911.

Sarah Nairn married Arthur Jackson in 1911. They had three children - Mary, Henry and Arthur - before Arthur died tragically in a farm accident. Her two oldest children were removed by authorities as she struggled to support her family by playing violin, but she regained them when she married again - for convenience - to a widower with his own family.

Description of Content

Woman holding the back of a scrolled cane chair in what is probably a studio setting. She wears a large hat with feathers (or similar), a dark, short-sleeved, ankle-length dress with square neckline and belt, a pale long-sleeved top underneath with a high collar, and a pendant at her throat. A table behind has a small potted palm on a table cloth.

Physical Description

Photographic print mounted on cardboard frame with lines embossed around the image. A studio name appears at the lower right. The edges of the print have extensive losses; a dark spot appears at the upper left of the image. Back shows remnant of tissue cover over image.

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