Card with full-colour image of Jesus on front, dated October 1915, during World War I. Its author is unknown, although it was acquired by Museum Victoria with a collection of material relating to the service of Private William Nairn, who enlisted in September 1916 and was killed in July 1918. The initials 'E.S. at the time are likely those of his future wife, Eileen Shannahan, who he married in October 1916.

As the card was printed in Germany, it was probably manufactured before the outbreak of war in August 1914.

Physical Description

Card with full-colour image of Jesus on front, waist up, with halo, heart with thorns around and hand raised. A spray of flowers below, with inscriptions at lower edge. The edges of the card have cutwork flowers, the upper and left edges of which have broken off and are lost. The back of the card has a printed inscription, with hand-writing above and below. Discolouration throughout.

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