Cotton sheet packaged as originally sold by the Myer Emporium around 1914. It has never been used.

The sheet was probably purchased during the early married life of Sarah Jackson, nee Nairn. She married Arthur Jackson in 1911. They had three children - Mary, Henry and Arthur - before Arthur died tragically in a farm accident. Her two oldest children were removed by authorities as she struggled to support her family by playing violin, but she regained them when she married again - for convenience - to a widower with his own family. It is not known why the sheet, and another also from Myer (HT42812) and a sheet set from Nolan's Linen Store (HT 42814), was never used, given the hardships faced by the family - possibly it was being kept 'for best'.

Physical Description

Heavy off-white cotton sheet folded into a stiff rectangle, held at top and bottom with orange-edged off-white tape inscribed 'THE MYER EMPORIUM". Grey sticker at top hand-written in pencil. Spots of foxing in patches.

More Information