Box of Kodak Graphic Arts Film, 'Kodalith Ortho Film Type 3', in 8 x 10 inches size. The box contains 50 sheets. This was used by the donor with the process camera HT 33761, when he was operating this camera at home for his own personal use after the camera was retired from use at Kodak Australasia's Coburg factory.

The donor, an electrical engineer, purchased the process camera for private use when it became surplus to the Engineering Department at Kodak, and used it at home to produce negatives for electronic circuit boards and screen printing. He designed and made specialised battery chargers, mainly for use with underwater lighting systems used in cave diving, and the camera was very useful for making the circuit boards in these devices. The screen printing he did was mainly for the printing of t-shirts for various clubs and associations, but also to print curtain materials and even the donor's wedding invitations, using custom artwork by a local artist.

Physical Description

Rectangular cardboard box, sealed, printed in red and black colour scheme.

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