Alternative Name(s): Tatted Lace, Doilie, Tatting

Small tatted lace doily, off-white colour. A star shape near the centre is not perfectly symmetrical, suggesting it has been made by an inexperienced tatter. The doily is part of a collection of material relating to the McKenzie-Baldwin-Boxshall-Roberts families, settlers in 19th century Victoria in the vicinity of Hanging Rock. Christina Dorothy McKenzie, nee Baldwin (1863-1948), the most likely maker, was known to work by lamplight at 'delicate occupations' such as lace-making for two hours before going to bed at nine o'clock.

Physical Description

Small tatted lace doily, cream colour. The pattern is circular, with rows radiating out from a central circle, ending with a scalloped edge. A star shape near the centre is not perfectly symmetrical. The doily has some staining on its surface.

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