Colour digital photograph of a John van Dynaveldt in the Monitor Room of Building 3 in the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd factory, Coburg, working on the last roll of digital photographic paper coated at the factory on 23 November 2004. The monitor room was used to supervise the Coating Track and the delivery of different solutions to the rolls on the track, ensuring the product met specifications. This image was taken by an employee, close to the time of closure of the plant in 2004-2005, as a memento of their time working for the company.

Description of Content

Man in white Kodak branded overalls and hair net, with lanyard and wrist watch, seated at desk with computer and large barcoded, printed label in front of him. Man is holding a pen, possibly writing on the label. Other computers visible in background.

Physical Description

Colour digital photograph; landscape format

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