Colour digital photograph of the factory interior and Coating Head on the Coating Track in Building 3 of the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd factory, Coburg, 30 November 2004. This view shows machinery rollers, pipes, hoses and a worker's chair. This appears to be a wet floor environment with hoses and tiled flooring.
This image was taken by an employee, close to the time of closure of the plant in 2004-2005, as a memento of their time working for the company.

Description of Content

Black plastic chair in factory workspace with stainless steel walls and a tall machine with rollers at the right and series of pipes running around the wall. There is a sign on the wall saying eyewear must be worn. Hoses are visible at lower left of image, as is a section of tiled brick flooring.

Physical Description

Colour digital photograph; landscape format

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