Digital scan of a photograph of the cheese plant and workers at the Victorian Government Dairy set up at the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition. The photo shows 15 men, many wearing white aprons, surrounded by factory equipment. The man marked with an arrow is purported to be Charles McKinnon, who was in charge of the Victorian Government dairy 'cheese plant'. The Cheese Plant provided 'instruction in cheese-making was imparted to about fifty students from various parts of the colony, the majority of whom have returned to their homes thoroughly proficient cheese-makers.' (Australian Farm and Home, 1 May 1893)

There were a number of displays at the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition in which working practices were demonstrated. The government dairy, overseen by Mr Wilson and daughters, was one of the most popular, providing regular demonstrations of cream, butter and cheddar cheese manufacture. Set up in the eastern machinery annexe just to the right of the main entrance on Nicholson Street, visitors to the dairy could view: 'Cream Separator, daily, 11 till 12; Victorian Cheddar Cheese, Mondays and Tuesdays, 11 till 5; Butter Making, and Cream Separating by Hand and Horse Power, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2 till 5; Model Butter Factory, with 5 Cream Separators converting the Milk of 200 Cows, per hours, into Butter, Fridays 2 till 4, Saturdays 2 till 4 and 7 till 9' (Official Daily Programme, 13 Sep 1888).

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Black & white photograph of 15 male cheese workers standing behind factory equipment, set up as a working display at the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition. Rotary shaft for providing power to the instruments visible along upper edge. Along the back wall are shelves stacked with rounds of cheese. Many of the men are wearing white aprons. Second from the right is Conlen (sp?), third from the left (earing a hat) is Brownridge. The man marked with an arrow is likely to be Charles McKinnon.

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Digital copy of a mounted black and white photograph

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