Amphibian 35mm underwater camera with 35mm, 2.8 lens, distributed by Hanimex, circa 1983.

Hanimex was a photographic company founded after WWII by Jack Hannes. Jack was born in 1923 in Germany and migrated to Australia in 1939 when his family fled Nazi Germany. The name Hanimex is an acronym of the first two letters of the full company name, Hannes Import and Export. The company distributed European, and later Japanese, cameras, as well as a wide range of photographic accessories. The company secured an agency for Fuji film and also made and exported slide projectors, and operated photo-finishing laboratories. Hanimex ownership was taken over in the 1980s and later stopped trading under the Hanimex name.

Physical Description

Orange plastic cased camera with black contrast features, and a black woven strap.

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